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Magic: the Gathering - Khans of Tarkir Packaging

Eye candy for the gamers for this upcoming set.

If you have great eyes, you just might be able to make out the Intro Pack rares that have not yet been previewed - Avalanche Tusker, Kakasha Vizier and Ankle Shanker.

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Ankle fucking shanker. This little shit changes everything. Shank everybody’s ankles!


Ankle fucking shanker. This little shit changes everything. Shank everybody’s ankles!

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Twisted Coraline cosplay by Bettcanard Design. Photo by the amazing Danarki at Torucon 2014.


Twisted Coraline cosplay by Bettcanard DesignPhoto by the amazing Danarki at Torucon 2014.

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Pg.99 – Life In A Box (153 plays)

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Note: This was written with the 2011 film as a primary resource, and with limited knowledge of James Sallis’s novels.

Personality Type: INFP

Dominate Function: Introverted Feeling

Driver is a man of few words, and most of his communication is nonverbal.  He judges people heavily based on his first impression, or how that person makes him feel.  He is hesitant and immediately distrusts Bernie on their first meeting, even though he’s an old friend of Shannon’s. On the other hand, he develops strong feelings for Irene even though they have very little direct interaction at first.  He also keeps these feelings secret for a long time, despite the fact that they’re neighbors, and gets embarrassed when Shannon points them out.


Auxiliary Function: Extraverted Intuition

Driver’s whole livelihood — or at least his night job — hinges on finding unorthodox ways out of difficult problems.  He uses his impressions of people to gauge situations, and piece together the larger picture of a situation. When Cook and Blanche double cross him and Standard is killed in the robbery, Driver immediately figures out that Blanche was somehow involved and that the job was rigged.  Extraverted intuition is a typical detective trait, and allows him to connect the dots back to Nino.


Tertiary Function: Introverted Sensing

In the same vein as his intuitive skills, Driver is great at sensing when a situation has gone south.  He’s driven for an untold number of jobs before, and he knows what he’s doing — “there’s a hundred thousand streets in this city.”  He knows the layouts, he knows the city presumably like the back of his hand, and draws on these memories and experiences when he finds himself in a tight spot.  That’s it, he drives, and when he’s behind the wheel he has plenty of personal experience to rely on.  Even his day jobs, as a stunt driver and mechanic, allow him to stay in his comfort zone with cars.  In the film he doesn’t seem to be overly sentimental, but in a way that requires effort — he has very few possessions around his apartment.  However, in the book he describes a number of flashbacks to his past.


Inferior Function: Extraverted Thinking

With two day jobs and one night job that’s not-so-very-legal, Driver has to be a master organizer and planner.  He plans out the logistics of a job based on three simple details: a time, a place, and a destination.  Everything else is the other party’s concern, and he takes no part in it.  His opening monologue suggests that he has a specific way of communicating with potential partners, most likely separate phone lines, and a means of acquiring temporary cars so that they’re not traced back to him.  However, this attention to detail and meticulous planning are skills that clearly come with experience and have most likely been refined over time, as this is his least developed function.


Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Driver acts solely based on his personal moral code.  Legalities and the greater “morality” of his job as a getaway driver don’t seem to faze him or weigh on his conscience much, if at all.  He seems mostly indifferent to anyone outside of his small group of loved ones — particularly Shannon, Irene, Benicio, and by extension Standard.  When any of these people are threatened, Driver goes to the end of the earth to protect them or figure out who is responsible for hurting them.  He commits extremely violent acts in the interest of protecting them, rather like a quiet soldier, and thinks nothing of it.  As a prime example, he kisses Irene in the elevator moments before stomping a potential threat to death in the same elevator, to her horror.  Driver is a Slytherin, willing to use whatever means necessary to protect what matters most to him.

Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow)


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Personality Type: INTJ

Dominate Function: Introverted Intuition

Crane is a keen analyst and observer.  He makes a living by essentially what I am doing now: observing people and then explaining them to others.  These observations are anything but superficial — he presumably only sees Rachel Dawes in courtroom settings but expresses a decent understanding of her motivations and convictions when talking to Falcone.  He notices behavioral patterns and matches them up to established theories and data in order to make diagnoses, or evaluations in legal settings. Crane also has a good sense of how events will play out, or how larger structures work, especially in his interpersonal dealings.


Auxiliary Function: Extraverted Thinking

Jonathan Crane is extremely intelligent and articulate.  He constructs logical arguments to support his Intuitive observations, and presents them well when speaking out loud.  He controls the environment at Arkham in order to minimize variables in his experiments — “In here only the mind can grant you power.”  Crane can think on his feet and formulate a plan either ahead of time or on the spot.  He coordinates and organizes the drug shipments with Falcone, acting as a liaison between Falcone and Ra’s al Ghul and keeping everything in place behind the scenes.


Tertiary Function: Introverted Feeling

Dr. Crane is not a very outwardly emotional person.  His initial reactions to situations and new developments are usually mild, and more concerned with the pragmatic consequences than his own feelings.  When he has moments of terror or anxiety, he tries to hide it behind a cool façade or take logical action instead of fretting about or panicking.  While he isn’t the most idealistic of people and doesn’t seem to have a concrete set of ethics, Crane has a deep respect and reverence for the human psyche — “I respect the mind’s power over the body.  It’s why I do what I do.”


Inferior Function: Extraverted Sensing

While Crane does make observations and use them to piece together patterns and inferences about people, he is not the most concrete person.  His comfort zone is in abstract ideas and theory, not direct and present stimuli.  Most of his work environments are bland and neutral-colored, lacking vibrance, and probably what most people would call “boring.”  His clothes are neat and his outfits professional, but also lacking anything particularly eye-catching or stimulating.  Crane experiences the moment and takes in stimuli, but doesn’t seem particularly concerned with it.


Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Dr. Jonathan Crane isn’t particularly ambitious — he’s content to act as a behind-the-scenes pawn on others’ behalf.  He isn’t particularly loyal to people or principles, he deals in terms of business agreements and favors, engaging in multiple questionable activities without much thought as to ethics or personal relationships.  Most of his motivation is scientific curiosity.  He doesn’t care about the larger social picture as long as he gets to continue his experiments on more guinea pigs at his asylum.  Even while doing his job, he seems to enjoy watching people’s reactions to his experiments with the mask and the panic-inducing drugs.  Crane is a Ravenclaw, sharply intelligent and curious, with a deep respect for the mind’s power.

Norma Jean – Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste (4,983 plays)


"Now you’re doing the waltz with your murderer"

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